THE ROCKS is the first GAMEFI project to allow the users to create their own NFT characters and features play-to-earn games portal with a variety of addictive mini games that keep players coming back.

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Games Portal

A Games portal platform where you can spend 24/7 to have fun, make friends & play 2 earn.

Battle Arena 1: The Runing Rock

Control your Rock to overcome the Eggs, jump on their heads to earn more scores. The scores will be converted to EXP points

Battle Arena 2: Funky Rock

Your Rock flying through the metaverse consuming stars and experience so one day it too can become a Funky Rock. A musical experience where each star is a different note turning tunes never heard before.

Battle Arena 3: Hangry Rocks

These Rocks can’t wait to knock down these eggs and devour them. The Rocks have to eat to evolve and get more experience points. Fun, addictive and multi-leveled.

Battle Arena 4: Rock-Paper-Scissor

A classic game reintroduced in a fun way. You Rock wins after 3 rounds, it will earn more experience points and move on to the next level to play against other players with the same experience level. If your Rock loses however, expect at least 3 slabs in random parts that eyebrow or nose can fall out - at least a funny & random sequence to watch.

Battle Arena 5: Rocking Invasion

Team up your Rocks and get ready to invade. Badass Rocks will get to choose and purchase their spaceships and weapon range to travel far away into the metaverse, seeking out live planets to conquer and decimate their inhabitants.

Battle Arena 6: My Rocks Rock!

Leverage on your 3 best characters (EXP points) to fight and win. To enter battles against another team at the same combined EXP points, you’ll have to purchase tickets. Winnings = a proportional % of the revenue generated by Marketplace + E2P Pool + Tickets Sales.

Play to Earn

Use your Rocks to play games to earn EXP and THEROCKS tokens. Higher EXP points will help you to unlock new characteristics/attributes of your Rocks, making them more unique and even more appealing on The Rocks Marketplace to resell.


3% to LP

2% Development and marketing


Oct 2021

  • Improve marketplace V1.1
  • Dashboard design
  • Leaderboard design
  • Games Portal design
  • Private sale
  • Whitelist
  • Pre-sale
  • Rolling out 1st game

Q4 2021

  • Techrate Audit
  • Implement leaderboard/Ranking
  • Release at least 6 games
  • Add more functions for the marketplace
  • Develop items in the marketplace
  • Rare Rocks collections
  • Auction feature

Q1 2022

  • Branded marketing campaign
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Betting mode release
  • Game's Quests
  • Goal: 50 games in The Rocks games portal

Q2 - 2022

  • Open Game Portal API for Game Developers & 3rd Party Game Studios
  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android)
  • Games portal: 100 Games



General Questions

THE ROCKS is the governance token of The Rocks NFT Metaverse. It is used to create, purchase, play games, and for other utility, purposes to be developed by the community over time.

You can buy/sell THEROCKs token on Pancakeswap

We will enable a Marketplace for you to do so.

You create your own NFT characters by choosing a variety of 4 main parts: eyes, hat, mouth, color from our Customization tool.

This is to enhance The Rocks’ ecosystem and to further support play to earn.

Play to earn Questions

What is “Play to Earn"?

The Play to Earn game model has been widely adopted. In a nutshell, you play games and/or complete certain tasks to earn the token of a game metaverse.

How do I earn when joining THEROCKS ecosystem & community?

By playing games and/or completing certain tasks. You can also enhance your Rocks’ characteristics by achieving a certain level of EXP points, evolve them into rarer Rocks and sell them in The Rocks Marketplace.

Mint Your own Rocks

You can create your own NFT characters and use them to play The Rock Games, or trade them on The Rocks Marketplace. With the available combinations of the Rock parts, you’ll have endless possibilities.